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  • Program

    Agreement for construction sector labour mobility Ontario - Québec

    Ministère du Travail
    Under this agreement, you are ensured equal treatment when bidding or working on construction projects in Ontario and Quebec.
  • Program

    EDC — Export Help Hub

    Export Development Canada
    Find the trade information you need from export advisors, in order to grow your business in new markets such as the U.S., European Union and Mexico. Get answers to questions about customs, financing, paying taxes and more.
  • Program

    BDC Advisory Services — Sales and marketing

    ​Business Development Bank of Canada
    Get advice on action oriented approaches focused on developing and implementing a strategy plan to increase your sales through knowledge sharing, coaching and support.
  • Program

    Canada Consumer Product Safety Act

    ​Government of Canada
    ​If you manufacture, import, distribute or sell products, find out what you need to do to ensure that your products are safe.
  • Program

    International trade and investment

    ​Business and industry Canada
    ​Find resources to help support your trade activities, especially if you are new to importing or exporting.
  • Program

    Exporters of Processing Services Program

    Department of Finance Canada
    Your Canadian manufacturing service company may qualify to import certain goods without paying GST or HST if those goods are later exported.
  • Program

    Export Distribution Centre Program

    ​Canada Revenue Agency
    ​If your non-manufacturing business adds limited value to goods destined for export, you could be exempt from paying GST/HST on certain imports.
  • Program

    Business Opportunities: Development and Humanitarian Aid Markets

    ​Trade Commissioner Service
    ​Learn about export opportunities in international humanitarian and aid markets.
  • Program

    Free and Secure Trade

    Canada Border Services Agency
    Get pre-approved to move low-risk goods faster through the Canada-U.S. border.
  • Program

    Accelerated Growth Service

    ​Innovation, Science and economic Development Canada
    ​Does your company have annual sales of at least $5 million and show promising growth? You may be eligible for the CED support program.
  • Program


    ​Canada Border Services Agency
    ​If you are a frequent and low-risk traveller, you can apply for access to speedier and easier entry into Canada.
  • Program

    Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Business Travel Card

    ​Canada Border Services Agency
    ​You can use this card to help you cross the border faster when you travel for business to participating countries in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Program


    ​Canada Border Services Agency
    You can use this card to help you cross the Canada-U.S. border faster when you travel for business.
  • Program

    COREX Program

    Fédération des chambres de commerce du Québec
    Get an export diagnostic and business plan, as well as help choosing trade corridors, finding suppliers and trading partners, and establishing your business.
  • Program

    Request for Tenders/Proposals — Nunavut

    Department of Community and Government Services
    Access open tenders for goods and services to find opportunities that your company is qualified for.
  • Program

    Canada Tariff Finder

    ​Global Affairs Canada, Trade Commissioner Service
    Get up-to-date tariff information for specific products and countries where Canada has a Free Trade Agreement. Compare rates for multiple products or countries to improve your cost forecasting and identify your best options.
  • Program

    Innovation Canada — Innovation Advisors in Quebec

    Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada
    If you're developing a new product, technology or process, an Innovation Advisor can provide you with free, one-on-one assistance to help you find the government supports that are right for your business. Our advisors are former entrepreneurs with established networks in both private and public sectors, and can help put you in touch with specialists in finance, technical advice and foreign market expertise, to help your business grow from here. Innovation Advisors help companies that are incorporated for profit in Canada. Is this you?
  • Program

    Magnet — Export Growth Portal

    Use this free export business portal to match your business with relevant events and opportunities based on your export readiness, sector, location and goals. Get timely email updates about resources and services from export experts, and access a customizable dashboard.
  • Program

    Regional export promotion organizations (ORPEX)

    Investissement Québec
    Regional organizations provide export coaching, training and assistance.<
  • Program

    Global Bid Opportunity Finder

    ​Canadian Commercial Corporation
    Use this web-based application, exclusive to Canadian companies, to search through, evaluate and bid on opportunities from around the world.
  • Program

    Yukon bids&tenders

    Department of Highways and Public Works
    Access open tenders for goods and services to find opportunities that your company is qualified for.
  • Program

    Doing Business with the Government — British Columbia

    Procurement Services
    Access open tenders for goods and services to find opportunities that your company is qualified for.
  • Program


    Ministry of Central Services
    Access open tenders for goods and services to find opportunities that your company is qualified for.
  • Program

    Canadian Trade Commissioner Service

    Global Affairs Canada, Trade Commissioner Service
    Help to prepare your business for international markets, assess your organization’s potential, find contacts and resolve problems.
  • Program

    Agri-Food Trade Services for Exporters

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    International market intelligence, in-market trade expertise, international trade shows and other assistance to help agri-food exporters.
  • Program

    Trade and investment agreements

    Global Affairs Canada​
    Learn about the agreements that can help protect your investments abroad.
  • Program

    BDC Advisory Services

    Business Development Bank of Canada
    Connect with highly experienced specialists who can help you better manage your business, increase revenues and optimize operations.
  • Program

    Canada Brand

    Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada
    If you’re an export-ready Canadian agriculture, food, or seafood company you can get access to government-approved and recognized national branding consisting of a new logo, modernized graphics, and branded taglines as well as access to a revamped marketing toolkit to help with promotional opportunities in international markets.
  • Program

    Business immigration programs

    Immigration and citizenship
    ​Interested in moving to Canada to start a business? Find out if you can immigrate as a self-employed individual or receive a start-up visa.
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